Agenda for SEPAC Meeting Monday, May 12, 8:30 a.m.

Special Education Parent Advisory Council Meeting






In accordance with the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 30A Section 20,

notice is hereby given for the following meeting of the Special Education Parent Advisory Council,

Monday May 12, 2014, 8:30 a.m.

at the Jefferson Cutter House*




1.   Report on SEPAC status as a public body using town meeting rooms without charge; update on confirmation of voiding of invoice for meeting space

2.   Introduction of bylaws amendments required to reflect changes in Massachusetts General Law governing SEPAC (to be voted on at June 9 Election Meeting)

3.   Open forum on parents’ vision for SEPAC activities in the coming year and beyond

4.   Focus Group led by staff from Exceptional Lives, working with Boston College Lynch School of Education. The goal of the focus group is to learn from parents/caregivers how and where they currently find disability-related information, as well as their opinions on:

  • What they like/don’t like about these sources (ease of access, ease of use, quality of information)
  • How much time, money, and/or effort they invest in using these sources
  • What else about these sources would be helpful in empowering parents to care for their exceptional family members

4.   Other business

* The Jefferson Cutter House is located at 1 Whittemore Park at the corner of Mystic Street and Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington.  The meeting room is accessed through the door at the rear of the building that opens onto the municipal parking lot.