SEPAC Business Meeting – September 11, 2018

Call to Order

Introductions – Alison, Lynne, Chris, Stephanie and Kristen attended.

Officer/Committee reports 

    Nothing new to report.

Workshops for the Coming Year 

  1. September Meet and Greet – Gibbs at 9am
  2. October Basic Rights – Elizabeth Bostic?
  3. November (?) Rec Fair – Erin is too busy to pull this off, so looking for someone else who is willing to work on it.
  4. January MRC? – Education/Work/Internship Fair for older kids, with MRC – Mass Rehab Commission
  5. Others?

APS Staff Reports –

Elizabeth Logue left over the summer. She had some medical issues so she resigned her position. Christina Ryan was hired from Lynnfield, but she still has to finish up her contract over there. Rachel Hanlyn is the new team chair for Brackett, and she’s coming from Malden Public Schools. She previously worked at New England Center for Children.

SEPAC Board Elections –

Inae was elected to chair. Jessica was elected to secretary.

Public Participation/Open Discussion –


  • We are holding four evening meetings and six morning meetings this year. October, December, February and April meetings will be held at 7pm at Gibbs.
  • As our enrollment is growing, our preschool is also growing. There is now a half day preschool class over at Peirce.
  • Over the summer Sarah went to the meeting at Peirce of the new parent-run diversity task force. There was one person there who was pushing inclusion of students with disabilities in gen ed. Sarah was wondering if we should send a representative from SEPAC to these meetings.
  • There is a town-wide PTO meeting once or twice a year, and maybe we should see if we can send a representative to these meetings.