SEPAC Meeting – November 13, 2018

Call to Order

Introductions: Alison attended

Officer/Committee Reports:

-Need to get volunteers for workshops in the spring.

-Next business meeting is at Gibbs at night, in December. We should stay after and talk as long as there’s food.


a. Rec Fair

b. Jan MRC

c. Others. Beyond Booksmart? Transition Night in the spring (Gibbs)?

APS Staff Reports:

– Nothing new to report

Public Participation/New Business/Open Discussion:

-Peirce parents say the OT is on medical leave. Nicole Brown is currently covering for her. After the November break Ms. Beckman is coming back. Services are being covered.


-Deb was there and let everyone know about TASA.



Author: ArlingtonSEPAC

Please bear with us as we develop our new website. Our goal for this blog is to inform you about upcoming events so that you may fully participate in Arlington SEPAC, a parent-led volunteer organization.

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