SEPAC Meeting – April 9, 2019

Call to Order


-Alison attended.

Approve Minutes:

-Minutes from March approved.

Officers/Committee Reports:

-The Brackett Diversity and Inclusion Group (DIG) had Inae come and speak and it went well. In the future she will be reaching out to other schools’ diversity/inclusion groups to arrange times to speak. One of the things they discussed in the talk was how many students have invisible disabilities and how surprised parents were to hear that their kids were currently in classes with students with disabilities.


a. Gibbs/Ottoson Transition Night – near the end of May

b. Mindfulness – still need to speak with Carla Leone on availability/dates.

APS Staff Reports:

-Mr. Thielman and Dr. Janger (AHS Principal) will be attending the May meeting. Dr. Janger will be talking about services at the high school, such as the Compass program for students with intellectual disabilities and the parts of the new High School which will support the program (living spaces/kitchen).

-There will be one transition night for 5th grade to Gibbs at the Gibbs school, hosted by Kristen DiFrancisco. The transition from 6th to 7th workshop will be hosted in May, and discussion will be based in part on survey questions generated from 6th grade students.

DESE/MRC is switching to a new model, where individuals apply directly to various vendors in their communities/surrounding areas for pre-vocational services (ages 14 and up).

Public Participation/New Business/Open Discussion:

-School committee meeting on April 10th to discuss 5 year plan and there will be another High School building committee meeting before the June vote on the High School debt exclusion and tax override.

-Representative Garballey was at a diversity recruitment event today at the high school, with the goal being to attract diverse staff to the district.