SEPAC Meeting – November 10, 2020

Call to Order


– Alison Elmer, Lynne Bennett, Kristin Burke, Joyce Schlenger, Chris Carlson, Dr. MacNeal, and Stephanie Greiner attended. Brenda Mahoney also was on the Zoom call

Also in attendance: Sarah Barton, Rachel Ostrow, Yael Mandelblat-cerf, Deb Savage, Krasi Petkov, Kate Wolfe, Elisa MacDonald, Stephanie, Vencislav Kourdov, from the Boland-Kourdov family, Emily Butler, Alan Hassell, Amina Grunko, Shira Wolff, Claudia Donnet, Meredith, Sarah Forster, Tashana, Stella Doyle

Approve minutes:

– Minutes from October 2020 and March 2020 were approved.

Officers/committee reports:

– We don’t have any committees in session currently, just Inae and Jess as SEPAC officers

Planning Workshops for the coming year:

– ASPIRE @ MGH has confirmed that Elise Wulff will be doing an evening workshop after the evening SEPAC meeting on January 12th. The topic is on helping kids learn Self-Advocacy skills.

– Planning is underway for a Basic Rights Workshop from the Federation for Children With Special Needs, probably happening in early 2021.

– Lexington SEPAC has had many workshops and has mentioned that Arlington parents are welcome to attend. Looking into workshops put on by surrounding towns would be a way for parents to find workshops that match their needs. Inae mentioned that all SEPAC workshops in the state are currently open to all.

– Alison frequently sends emails of upcoming workshops for us to send to the SEPAC mailing list. ( Please send an email if you wish to be added to the list

– Evidence-based reading supports, or workshops on Executive Functioning challenges are topics that were suggested for possible workshops.

– Workshop on how to cope with the stress of the upcoming winter

– Understanding your Neuropsychological Testing results – How do you interpret what you’re reading in your report.

-Mindfulness workshops with Carla Leone.

– Transition planning after 22

-Mass Rehab Commission – transition planning in the post secondary world, workshops for students as they transition to college or careers after high school.

– Preparing for a post-COVID reality with our kids

– ADHD, Sensory Processing, and Anxiety Disorders are topics that parents would like to see addressed. Maybe mitigating the sensory issues of the current COVID environment.

– Support group to trade success stories or discuss issues for what has and hasn’t worked for their child at home with remote learning.

– Resource/Recreation/Summer Camp Fair – We did this many years ago and it was a huge success. We need a lot of help to organize this kind of event, and we don’t currently have the capacity right now to pull it together with the number of people on our current team.

– A Community Padlet where everyone can contribute their own resources if they have them. (Inae says we have a resource page on our website where we could post vetted resources.)

– Survey of parents in town to find out what skills/talents they might be willing to contribute to a 45 minutes webinar.

APS Staff reports:

– The Superintendent Search Committee recommended two candidates for Superintendent, and the School Committee voted on two finalists this past Wednesday: Dr. Victoria Greer and Dr. Elizabeth Holman. On November 17th, Dr. Holman will be on site, and on November 18th, Dr. Greer will be on site.

– School Committee will be discussing the budget, beginning in December.

– Most of the secondary schools have already had their curriculum nights and the elementary schools are finishing up curriculum nights this week.

– All the SEPAC meetings for the year are currently on the school calendar on the district website. Workshops will be posted there as well, when we have dates for them.

Public participation / New business / Open discussion:

– It has been suggested that we put off having elections for SEPAC officers until the spring. Last year’s elections were postponed due to COVID. Deb suggested putting it off until June, because parents don’t have much time to contemplate running for webmaster/media officer, membership officer, secretary/Outreach officer, or co-chair. Many others agree that it’s too soon for some people to commit to running for an officer position.

– We need to remedy the fact that we’re overdue for elections, because we are a legally proscribed body. Alan suggested that we can have an election in December, and then again by June we should have a goal of filling all five of the officer spots. Inae agreed that an election in December and then again in June is the right way to remedy the fact that we are overdue for electing officers.

– Inae is nominating herself for the position of Chair, Jess is nominating herself for the position of Secretary, and Sarah is nominating herself for the Co-Chair position.

-We will have elections for officer positions in December

– Deb has asked us all to craft a paragraph stating our visions for SEPAC in the upcoming year, before the June elections.

-Nominations for the June election will be in May.


– The next SEPAC meeting will be December 8th at 7pm. The zoom link will be the same as with this meeting. The January 12th meeting will be moved to the evening (7pm) so it can coincide with the MGH ASPIRE workshop. The February 9th meeting will also be at 7pm.



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