SEPAC Meeting – September 21st, 2021

Call to Order

Introductions: Alison Elmer, Kirsten Burke, Chris Carlson, Joyce Schlenger, Bill Hayner, Lynne Bennett, Rena Mello, Amanda Donahue, Elizabeth Homan, Erin DeMaura, Mme Pierre-Maxwell, Louisa Popkin and Joyce Dvorak attended.

Approve Minutes – To be reviewed next month at our online meetings

Officer Committee Reports

– Basic Rights Workshop in October

– Transition Planning, presented by Federation for Children with Special Needs, a state organization that holds workshops.

– Understanding your Neuropsych Report, maybe in November

APS Staff Reports – New Elementary and Middle School coordinators, Louisa and Rena

ESSERIII Report – Dollars to help accelerate recovery from pandemic, return to school planning

Options A, B, and C:

Option A – Improved communications and outreach to families and the community

a. Improve accessible services and information to all families

b. Improve/streamline communications

c. Improve translation and interpretation capabilities for families whose first language isn’t English

d. Make sure that all families feel welcomed and supported by APS

Option B – Support to Ensure Student Access to Consistent and Equitable Information

a. Professional development for culturally responsive instruction

b. Intervention supports to serve all students

c. Professional learning/training in anti-bias and anti-racist teaching

d. Improve the Multi Tiered System of Support (MTSS)

Option C – Extended learning time and Coordinated out-of-school services

a. Analyze effectiveness of existing out-of-school learning opportunities

b. District-wide standard approach to out-of-school interventions and services

c. Continuing the expansion of ESY summer services from 2020 and 2021

All initiatives will be monitored/updated to gauge effectiveness. If initiatives aren’t effective, they will be adjusted accordingly.

New Business – Social Hour tonight at 7pm, New Parent Chat, Informal Meeting



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Please bear with us as we develop our new website. Our goal for this blog is to inform you about upcoming events so that you may fully participate in Arlington SEPAC, a parent-led volunteer organization.

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