SEPAC Meeting Minutes: April 12, 2022

SEPAC April 12, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order

Introductions – Alison Elmer, Deborah Perry, Joyce Schlenger, Roderick MacNeal, Lynne Bennett, Liz Homan, Kristin Burke, Inae Hwang, Sarah Barton, Jessica Dombrosky, Chris Carlson, Ally Magalhaes, Elisa M, Georgina Prager, Jacquelyn Aureli, Krasimira Petkov, Louisa Popkin, Rachel Ostrow, Sarah Forster, Stephanie Trinkle, Thad Dingman, Tracy Van Dorpe, Tonya Bourassa, and Catherine Bieksha attended

Meeting Minutes – Meeting Minutes were not reviewed at this month’s meeting.

Officer/Committee Reports

– Officer/Committee Reports weren’t discussed this month, since we moved straight to the Literacy Initiatives presentation.

APS Staff Reports

APS Presentation on Literacy Initiatives

Comments and Questions –

– After the general assessments are completed, and it’s determined that additional pull-out support is needed, a permission slip goes home to the parent, to allow that student to be pulled out. Progress reports go home multiple times during the year (November, January, April, June) and as students exit the reading intervention.

– If a student isn’t making gains, they sit down as a Whole Child Team to look at all aspects of the student’s learning, including social/emotional, to determine what might need to change with the intervention so effective progress can be made.

– Stephanie asked what happens after a student exits the intervention program. The answer is that classroom teachers continue to monitor progress through Dibels assessments, and conduct benchmark assessments 3 times per year to make sure that students are continuing to make progress toward grade-level benchmarks.

Public Participation / New Business / Open Discussion

– See above section for comments and questions.